Sushi – demystified..

The word “sushi” is often ambiguous for non-native Japanese. We think of it as being interchangeable with raw fish. Sushi is vinegared rice topped with other ingredients. Sashimi, which is slices of raw fish alone, is not sushi because it isn’t accompanied with rice. 

So this is sushi:

These are different types of sushi

Originally, sushi was fermented fish with rice preserved in salt, and this was a staple dish in Japan for a thousand years until the Edo Period (1603 to 1868) when contemporary sushi was developed. The word “sushi” means “it’s sour,” which reflects back to sushi’s origins of being preserved in salt.
Traditional sushi took longer to prepare due to the fermenting steps required. Contemporary sushi was developed to be a type of fast food, and remains so to this day.

This is sashimi: raw fish: note there is no rice.

What makes sushi great is the simplicity of the food and complexity of the flavour. If you think that sushi is rice served with the odd raw fish or a vegetable. Try making one you will come for respect this dish even more. It tells you all about Japan and Japanese people in a plate!

Other than that Sushi is a low calorie great meal option morning noon or night, given its availability in major western countries, it is a great alternative for vegetarians.



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